Dr. Marilyn Daniels - Author of 'Dancing With Words'
      Sign To Speak - Babies Can Talk
“Dr. Daniels’ latest book is the perfect blend of how to use signing with hearing infants to promote early communication and why.  Based on research in child development, brain physiology and the history of the origins of language, Dr. Daniels gives the clearest explanation of how signing works with babies that I have ever read.  I enthusiastically recommend Sign to Speak- Babies Can Talk to all parents and professionals caring for infants.”
Jeanne E. Ziter MD Pediatrician
Women & Infants Hospital Providence , RI
      Sign To Speak - Toddlers at Play
Dr. Daniels' new book is one of the most comprehensive books I have seen on this topic. It is intended predominantly for parents of young children although is a useful guide for anyone who cares for infants and toddlers. It is easy to read and full of simple to understand illustrations. Most of all this book points out the immense opportunity awaiting parents to communicate with their babies much sooner than they might have ever thought possible." 
Elaine M. Gustafson MSN, APRN, PNP-BC
Associate Clinical Professor, Yale School of Nursing New Haven, CT

Author Dr. Marilyn Daniels Ph.D,

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